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March 12, 2015

Dirty Wolff comes out of retirement to do one last bounty hunt, a really bad skipbail. Wolff might not bring 'em back alive

December 20, 2012

The Avengers are shocked when rockstar Golden Beetle has information on how to save the day. His tech helps them build a time / dimension jump.

July 2, 2007

In the wake of Thanos' snap, Osborne (or someone similar... Mayor Fisk?) forms a sort of dark reflection of the Avengers, etc

January 1, 2002

Dirty Wolff decides to retire. His heart ain't in it no more.

April 3, 1997

Dirty Wolff decides to quit X-Force during Civil War and become a space bounty hunter

August 15, 1992

Dirty Wolff is recruited by X-Force

February 11, 1991

Fury hears from Namor, Strange, and Invisible Woman. He puts out the order to get everyone together.

September 27, 1990

Acts of Vengeance

August 19, 1990

Wyatt Wingfoot asks Johnny’s help defending his tribe’s oil rich land (the Keewazi).

July 26, 1990

Thing proposes to Alicia Masters (original idea, circa FF #80)

June 22, 1990

The bachelor and bachelorette parties for Reed and Sue.

December 3, 1988

Crystal joins the FF (?) … at least show Johnny and Crystal dating

September 2, 1988

Dirty Wolff is sent to Xavier's where's always on the verge of going too far.

November 21, 1987

Some of the Morlocks decide to stay at Xavier's school and some decide to return to their tunnels.

November 15, 1987

An attack on mutants by humans, leads to rising tensions. Fury and Xavier set up the Xavier school. (or is this the first issue of Xavier’s?). Here’s where he will take in all powered kids to let them learn to use their powers in a safe way, think of SHIELD as an ally, and have a SHIELD base nearby acting as security. Xavier goes to Africa to get Storm.

November 15, 1987

The reactions to people who weren't impacted directly by the Mutant Massacre.

February 18, 1987

With Stark no longer making weapons, Forge leaves to join DARPA or similar (to fight the Dire Wraiths?). Stark gives him Forge a word of warning about the military industrial complex and tries to get him to stay on board and work on any project he wants. Forge says no, he feels called to make weapons to keep us safe. Stark even tries to get Forge to join the Future Foundation. But no, Forge wants to make guns to defend against threats.

November 9, 1985

Agent May takes a distress call. She ends up having to kill a small child with powers who poised a clear and active threat. At the end of it, after a psychological evaluation, she is pulled off the team.

June 1, 1985

Dazzler reveals she’s a mutant on national television.

March 8, 1985

"Crusher" Creel is a boxer who becomes hired muscle for the Owl. He doesn’t like hurting innocent people but felt he had no options. He is eventually arrested.

May 1, 1984

Aspiring astronaut Ben Grimm has to leave his training program to return home for his brother's funeral.

November 2, 1983

James Howlett, Ben Grimm, and Carol Danvers are sent on a mission using the latest Stark technology. But when their experimental craft is shot down, the three are going to have to overcome their differences to make it back to safety. But things take a turn for the worst when the Winter Soldier shows up.

April 18, 1982

Gambit and Bella marry to merge the Thieves' and Assassins' Guilds.

November 27, 1981

Carol makes her way through basic training

April 24, 1980

Thanos pleads with his people to murder half the population. He is branded evil and flees. His planet is dead within a few years. He returns home to find the remains of his people. He vows to save all the planets. He gathers his armor and heads out.

March 26, 1980

Tony and Rhodey become friends after Rhodes is assigned to babysit Tony.

January 22, 1978

Janet and Hank perform espinage

August 2, 1977

Agatha Harkness trains a young Scarlet Witch. Perhaps we see her have a tete-a-tete with Mephisto where they shit talk each other

November 5, 1976

Either Janet or Hank shrinks and is overrun by ants.

October 28, 1976

Cyclops and Havok are thrown out of the plane and assume their parents are killed. We see his parents are actually separated and imprisoned. Meanwhile the two young boys are put in an orphanage. Alex is adopted. And Scott begins his long time with Sinister

September 8, 1975

Bruce and Tony meet at an Oxford conference

June 14, 1973

The Starks are killed, Atlas is disbanded by the new head of SHIELD

April 4, 1971

Nick Fury is on a James Bond-esque spy mission

March 18, 1963

Team X fights Omega Red.

March 28, 1960

Matt Murdoch is blinded. We see him grow a bit. Make friends with Frank Castle. Lose his dad when his father won’t take a fall.

November 24, 1959

Golden Beetle arrives from the future. He realizes that he's not just jumped back through time, but space as well, as this is an alternate past. He decides to put his iPod to good use and become the world's most popular musician ever.

January 30, 1957

Danny Rand's airplane is sabotaged and he is raised in K'un-Lun. He grows up and makes a best friend.

December 31, 1954

Fighting Hydra, Peggy Carter disappears in a plane crash

April 18, 1952

Howard Stark and Peggy Carter draft a group to help them with an off-the-books SHIELD mission.

November 9, 1950

Kevin Plunder's father takes him on an expedition to the Savage Land. A place he believes in but no one else does. Look at Disney's Atlantis cartoon. His brother was left behind

September 11, 1949

Peggy and Logan have a mission together. Over a long night, they bond and reminisce of their lost loves.

July 16, 1948

Mystique, Sabertooth, and Wolverine. This will be when Graydon is conceived.

November 11, 1944

Bucky's body is found by Hydra and they bring him back through the Winter Soldier program

June 23, 1943

Arnim Zola experiments on Bucky. This is like the Star Trek "there are two lights!" 

June 22, 1943

The Nazis mix up the groups to encourage disunity, that's why the Commandos are of different groups

August 12, 1942

LIBERTY LEGION (the homefront version of the Invaders)

4000 million years ago

The Celestials implant an embryo into Earth and leave

Criminals in a bar talk about what they "know" of Nighthawk's origin. This shows the different versions of the character

Nighthawk gets a sidekick: Redwing


We see Logan getting captured and experimented on, prequel to Alpha Flight 1

Prowler joins the Wild Pack

MYSTIQUE (tell it like a Citizen Kane story?)

Fury gets Janet and Hank to come out of retirement

Johnny moves out of the Baxter Building and gets an apartment with his old college friend Wyatt Wingfoot.


SHE-HULK (experimented on by the Leader)

Black Fox... an old thief, is Black Cat's dad

Batroc is approached by Nick Fury to become a SHIELD trainer to cut down on his sentence. (I don’t think he’d be suited for Thunderbolts, but maybe?)


Sunfire has graduated from Xavier's and been on the big stage (Galactus?). Now he returns to Japan to much fanfare. It's like Ichiro. Fury recruits him for Big Hero 6

Whirlwind fights Ant-Man and the Wasp.

CLOAK AND DAGGER. Mini-series about them before they join Xavier's?

Dr Morbius gives himself powers

Fury asks Banshee to go undercover to stop an evil group known as Factor Three.

RUNAWAYS. Mini-series ahead of them going to Xavier's

Dr. Karl Malus experiments on Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night, who's just hit 18 and started mutating

Spider-Man crashes a Human Torch party. The two end up becoming friendly (but with a bit of rivalry still)


Galactus eat the Skrull homeworld

The High Evolutionary (or the Sovereign?) builds Him and Her, “the perfect humans”. Him hatches from his pod early and goes out into the world. It’s a fish out of water story as he tries to find himself. I think of the Vision in Age of Ultron.

SECRET WAR. Fury’s private war.

Avengers - Scott Lang and Hope Pym get married (Avengers 60) and the FF attend (they are Future Foundation people).


The Celestial is born; they're able to do it without destroying the planet. People might start getting less powers without the Celestial Seed?

Dane Whitman inherits his uncle’s castle and cursed sword. While his uncle had been a villain, he decides to become a hero. But he still has to survive a journey back to King Arthur’s court to get a blessing on his sword from Merlin himself. He also meets Morrigan there.

ILLUMINATI. Fury forms a roundtable group representing different people (Xavier for mutants, Namor for the ocean, Reed for science, etc)

HELLIONS. A mini-series about them before they join Xavier's

Pym builds Ultron with help from Tony Stark. Pym had previously studied the artificial life of Dragon Man.

Fury sets up a series of rapid response teams throughout the US. Teams should be dramatically altered. New teams, new dynamics.

A day in the life of Spider-Man. He walks a woman home (admit you stole it from that artist?). Captain America thanks Spider-Man after he sees him do some good deed. It’s just the type of pick me up that Peter needs. [is it not a spider-man story because it was told by the other gm?]

POWER PACK. A mini-series about them before they join Xavier's??

The Mandarin makes his move for global domination.

Thanos kills the Titanian Shao-Lorn monks in their monastery, but Moondragon escaped.

Luke Cage gets his powers in prison and escapes.


An experiment with the Terrigen Mists goes wrong. This creates more Inhumans and mutates Dr. George Tarleton into MODOK.

We see Batroc being hired to fight Captain America. He doesn’t have to win, he just has to buy the team time to get away with the score. Even at the end, he doesn’t beat Cap, he just manages to escape. Inspired by the Batroc one shot.

BLACK FOX... Marvel's Lost Generation

The High Evolutionary made a pterodactyl - human hybrid who escapes into the Savage Land. Ka-Zar fights him

- Tony’s cousin Morgan almost gets a partying Tony to put Stark Industries into a trust that Obidiah can run so they can keep partying. Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy talk him out of it.

SPIDER-WOMAN (Jessica Drew's dad is a lab assistant for the High Evolutionary)

Beast gets his blue fur.


The Prowler builds his suit.