Fantastic Four


October 28, 1992

Doom helps Sue deliver but he gets to name her and be called her godfather

October 16, 1992

Sharon Ventura is a SHIELD officer doing security work in the Baxter Building, when Annihilus came, he left a rift open and she was pulled through. The FF go in and pull her out but she has been mutated by her time in the Negative Zone, looking like the Thing she takes on the name She-Thing. She ends up joining the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

Annihilus comes to Earth to capture Valeria, to reclaim his power from her, but the FF drives him off.

October 2, 1992

Sue has complications with her pregnancy. Reed realizes there’s an issue based on their original trip to the Negative Zone. Johnny and Ben join in Reed in traveling to the Negative Zone where they track down the source of the issue: Annihilus’ cosmic control rod. They steal it but are chased by Annihilus. Reed siphons off enough energy to help Sue and then trades the rod to Annihilus in exchange for safe passage out of the Negative Zone. They return and Sue gives birth to Franklin.

June 10, 1992

Back from the Kree Skrull War, Lyja founds out she is pregnant. She and Johnny marry.

May 24, 1992

Lyja pulls the team into the Kree Skrull War.

March 12, 1992

A Skrull delegation comes to Earth and negotiates for their imprisoned soldiers. Johnny falls for Lyja, one of these Skrulls. Paibok the Power Skrull also comes along. Lyja stays on Earth

March 9, 1992

More of Reed’s exploring of the Negative Zone accidentally ends up with Reed leading Blastaar to Earth.

March 4, 1992

The Slave-Master Skrull comes to Earth to capture the Thing with the intent to sell him into slavery. He’s on the ship with Torgo, an alien that’s also been captured to be sold to the Gamemaster’s for his planet of gladiator combat. Thing and Torgo team up and over power the Slave-Master. They imprison him and free the other imprisoned people on the ship. Torgo takes Thing back to Earth.

January 4, 1992

Psycho-Man attacks. I’m unsure: He’s from the Microverse and is looking to reach out with his overpopulated people?

November 19, 1991

The Super Skrull breaks out and is recaptured by the FF. When they return him to custody though, they are made sensitive to the fact that maybe he’s being treated poorly when they found out he’s being treated as a sort of “enemy combatant”.

September 9, 1991

The barrier around Attilan is broken, exposing them to the world. To protect them, the FF helps them move to the Blue Side of the Moon (or Asteroid M so Molecule Man can be on Blue Side and this will let Crystal meet Quicksilver?). Crystal and Johnny have a moment. She asks him to come, he asks her to stay. (they try to make it work but ultimately, it will end. She’ll be with Quicksilver and he’ll end up with Lyja).

August 7, 1991

Maximus makes his play and takes over the Attlian. He is defeated but he and his cohorts go into space.

February 8, 1991

The FF go and fight the Surfer. He sees the love between Alicia Masters and the Thing and is reminded of his love for Shalla Bal. He warns them of Galactus coming.

December 21, 1990

The FF must deal with rapidly declining tempratures.

September 28, 1990

A group of C-level villains look to make their name going up against the Fantastic Four

June 24, 1990

Reed and Sue get married.

May 29, 1990

Thing is offered a cure but right when he decides if he has to take it, the Hulk comes to town and no one else can stop him. (part of 1 of 2 … FF #25)

February 13, 1990

The FF take on rapid evolution. The Thing further mutates to his rocky form.

January 13, 1990

The FF take on the Molecule Man and end up winning by teleporting him to the Blue Area of the Moon where he can’t hurt anyone.

August 10, 1989

Andy gets powers from absorbing N-Zone energy and returns. He busts the Thinker out. Mad Thinker and Awesome Andy take on the Fantastic Four. Andy can withstand the heat, can see invisible things, and is strong enough to go up against the Thing.

August 9, 1989

SHIELD is impounding the Mad Thinker’s lab when they accidentally activate his Android Man. The robot is too powerful so Johnny sends it on to a one way trip to the Negative Zone (without moral qualm as it is not sentient).

August 8, 1989

The Mad Thinker has found and reprogrammed the original Human Torch to fight Johnny. The Thinker is given a run for his money and then gives up. He goes to prison where he admits (to the reader) that he’s exactly where he wants to be.

June 19, 1989

Warlord Morrat and Anelle, daughter of the Skrull emperor, arrive on Earth. They are pacifists (or don’t hate Earth) and want to elope. The Emperor comes and claims his daughter. He strips Morrat of his titles and has him executed. He then takes Anelle back. SHIELD allows him to leave and he says he won’t make a ruckus. He asks for the quarter of spies and the Super Skrull but Fury says no. A princess, especially one in mourning, doesn’t deserve to be dragged into a dogfight. But soldiers and spies? They knew what they signed up for. Reed is further troubled by his aligning with SHIELD.

April 2, 1989

Sue proposes to Reed after being invited to speak at Empire State. This should be like Gaudy Night, perhaps. They then have to deal with Dragon Man. Although he is an alien creature, much like a dog, rather than a robot. He will later grow older and evolve to where he can speak.

November 14, 1988

Sue detects something. They go to investigate and discover the Inhumans.Johnny and Crystal crush on each other, but as a princess (and due to her age), she is not allowed to leave with him. … or does she join Fantastic Four while Sue is out for her pregnancy?

October 3, 1988

The Super Skrull arrives to free his fallen brothers. They beat him and put him in the same prison with the original Skrulls.

August 3, 1988

Impossible Man comes looking for diversion but he goes away when the FF stop paying attention to him.

May 21, 1988

Wizard joins with Trapster, Sandman, and Electro to form the Fearsome Four. Sandman’s beaten but is told he’d make more money being a hero than doing bank jobs. He joins the Thunderbolts and then Silver Sable later.

March 4, 1988

The FF face the Wizard!

October 27, 1987

Doom sets off a trap against the FF in the Baxter Building, but they can't prove it

July 19, 1987

The team travels through time. There is Thing’s Bluebeard but then they end up in Egypt under Rama-Tut. They suffer in Egypt (maybe meet Apocalypse?). But then Rama-Tut frees them and uses power to send them back home. We will later see that this is Kang and Ravonna and it’s their happily ever after.

April 2, 1987

The team discovers Atlantis and Namor.

February 2, 1987

The Fantastic Four go to the N-Zone and meet Annihilus

December 20, 1986

Fantastic Four. The Thing offers his services to Diablo in exchange for a cure (in time for Christmas with Alicia!)

November 8, 1986

The Skrulls come to investigate the race that cracked the N-Zone portal. They send some agents into the Baxter Building to investigate. This turns into an issue like the Thing (or X-Files’ Ice). The Skrulls are imprisoned at SHIELD. They demand to be treated with the dignity of enemy combatants rather than an invading species to be dissected.

October 28, 1986

The Red Ghost breaks into SHIELD headquarters and steals the Tesseract to experiment on himself and some apes trying to recreate the FF.

October 23, 1986

The very ground where Excelsior landed has been altered on a molecular level. But when Philip Masters gets his hands on it, he finds it has very special properties.

September 15, 1986

The Fantastic Four have found themselves in the limelight after fighting off a creature from Monster Island. But can they get lucky again when the Mole Man attacks?

September 1, 1986

Susan Storm has brought her idea to Reed Richards' think tank, the Future Foundation. With Reed's old friend, and former US Air Force pilot, at the helm and Susan's brilliant yet juvenile brother as their mechanical engineer, the four set off on their bold new adventure!

A Skrull fakes being the Thing to kill Mr Fantastic

The Trial of Reed Richards

Doom beats each member of the FF. He then flies out of space

Franklin’s nightmare creature called Onslaught manifests itself. (move to earlier)