July 15, 2016

Crisis on Battleworld

October 31, 2014

Mys-Tech War

April 3, 2014

Absolute / Maximum Carnage

October 13, 2013

Kings of Pain

January 14, 2013

Chaos War

December 18, 2012


May 22, 2007

Infinity Gauntlet

March 28, 2007

Thanos Quest

June 27, 2006

Black Vortex

June 1, 2006

Kang Dynasty

October 14, 2003

Secret War

February 6, 2002

Secret Invasion

December 22, 2001

Maximum Security

September 12, 2000


March 29, 1997

Civil War

December 4, 1996

Child's Play

July 8, 1996

With an election coming up, politicians start saying they want everyone with powers to be registered. 

November 2, 1995

X-Cutioner's Song

May 22, 1994

X-Tinction Agenda

August 3, 1992

Age of Ultron

May 21, 1992

The Avengers help the Skrull repeal a Kree invasion. 

February 13, 1991

The team fights Galactus. Guest-starring: everyone. Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Namor, Heroes for Hire, the Inhuman Royal Guard, War Machine, the Xavier gang… everyone. … should I reshuffle Black Panther?

December 20, 1990

Casket of Ancient Winter

February 12, 1990

Evolutionary War

There's a breakout at the Vault

The Avengers must take down MODOK and AIM

Avengers. Loki convinces Hulk and Thor to fight and the Avengers get formed

Avengers. Giant-Man and Wasp quit the team (are they even on it? Are they with the Future Foundation?). And here is a whole new Avengers team. Feel free to really shake it up. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join. Maybe Black Goliath (or is he just Goliath?) Falcon? War Machine? Black Widow? Cap stays on as the leader.

AVENGERS - Grandmaster. He and Kang have a bet for the Time Stone (which the Grandmaster’s brother the Collector wants). The Avengers are scattered throughout time.

Avengers. Juggernaut comes after Xavier. Hulk and Thor vs Juggernaut? Nice.


Avengers. Someone at the Future Foundation gets photosynthesis based powers and calls himself Sundown. However, his powers backfired and he ends up killing a young girl. When confronted, he turns himself in.

The Squadron Supreme arrive on Earth from another world saying they’re looking to help our world. Turns out on their world they’re called the Squadron Sinister.

Avengers. The Space Phantom sows distrust among the Avengers. While they manage to defeat him, it proves to the Hulk that the others don’t trust him and he leaves the group.

FATAL ATTRACTIONS. Magneto has decided to succeed from Earth and build Asteroid M. The Avengers say you can't just runaway from past crimes.

Avengers. Doombots go on a rampage. The Avengers have to beat them. Once it looks like they’re about to win, the robots turn off. Doom pulled a kill switch. He claims that it was an accident and the bots went out of control. Since he’s got diplomatic immunity, SHIELD has to take him at his word. Tony decides to make the Iron Legion after this, seeing the value in cybernetic shock troops.


Avengers. SHIELD reshuffles the lineup. Anyone might end up anywhere. Hulk could come back. Victory / Sam could join. One of Xavier’s students like Beast.

AVENGERS - Under Siege, a large group of villains attack the Avengers HQ

Avengers. The Avengers go (to the Southwest?) to recruit the Hulk when there is a report of a savage person breaking stuff. Instead it turns out to be the Man-Bull.

Avengers. The team encounters the Time Stone which is in the hands of Kang the Conqueror. He acts as if it’s not their first time meeting. He’s come to this time to get vibranium as this is when the vibranium is its most vulnerable in all of time.


Moloids, Deviants, and Lava Men have gone to war

Avengers. The Avengers arrive and take on the Hulk. But the Sentry calms him down? (FF #26)

Avengers. The Super-Adaptoid.


Legion of the Unliving... dead heroes are brought back to fight

Avengers. Captain America is found and revived. However, he suspects SHIELD is trying to trick him and breaks out.

Avengers. Ralph Roberts builds an Iron Man like suit. However, he uses a gamma-based core to power the suit (since no one knows how the arc reactor works). This ends up leaking and giving him Hulk like powers. He takes on the name the Cobalt Man and attacks.

Avengers. Sentinels are launched. Mutants are kidnapped and taken into custody. The team frees the kids and then takes down the Sentinels. The program’s government contract is cancelled.

Avengers. Kang needs the Avengers’ help to save his love, Princess Ravonna. This should be weird but make sense later when you see time from Kang’s perspective.

Terminus wants to destroy all Celestial embryo planets

Avengers. Magneto and the Brotherhood attack in response to the Sentinels. Cyclops is taken to Xavier’s.

Avengers. Dane Whitman takes over the role of the Black Knight from his deceased uncle. The Avengers mistake him as a baddie and fight him before allowing him to join SHIELD.

SERPENT SOCIETY. Someone tries to create a union of criminals. This is the snake based name. After the team is broken up some keep the name, some don’t. (Think of Luke Cage “I ain’t Cottonmouth!”)

Avengers. The team goes (to the Southwest?) to fight the Lava Man, a slave race made by Deviants. The team is about to be overrun when Hulk shows up and saves the day. Cap tries to get the Hulk to come in. He thinks about it but decides not to and Cap lets him get away. This is why Hulk trusts Cap.

Avengers. Ultron builds Vision to take on the Avengers, but he turns on his creator


Avengers. The Masters of Evil attack (Zemo, Radioactive Man, Enchantress, Skurge… Melter? Black Knight? Absorbing Man? Beetle? Grim Reaper in response to his belief that Tony killed his brother)