Agents of Atlas #10b


The Game

When a young woman displays powers she’s recruited by Agent Phil Coulson. Coulson introduces Sam to Fury. Fury gives Sam the brief on SHIELD. He asks for her to volunteer. “Are you appealing to my patriotism, Col Fury?” “I’m appealing to your pragmatism.” He makes her a deal. If she’ll join up, he’ll help her look into her past.Samantha Jones has a conversation with Gorilla-Man. He is retired now from fighting. He is injured and can’t fight. He is immortal so he feels cursed to this half-life. SHIELD takes care of him, they owe it to him for putting his life on the line. Is this too dark? How about he’s fine but just weary and retired. Why not leave SHIELD, “what else am I gonna do but train SHIELD recruits? I’m a talking gorilla with thirty years firearms training.” We see her getting introduced around the Helicarrier. This is also an issue to introduce the audience to it as well. We see her get her super outfit and her nickname “Victory”. She tries to never use it. Samantha’s introduced to the Agents of Atlas.Her training in the Danger Room. Again, this is an introduction to what the Danger Room is. It’ is in the Helicarrier, think of it like the holodeck on TNG. It is not at Xavier’s. Xavier doesn’t train his students to fight.


A young woman displays superpowers and is recruited to join SHIELD.