Dec 10 2020

Some of the Morlocks decide to stay at Xavier's school and some decide to return to their tunnels.

Dec 10 2020

Agent May takes a distress call. She ends up having to kill a small child with powers who poised a clear and active threat. At the end of it, after a psychological evaluation, she is pulled off the team.

Dec 10 2020

A young woman displays superpowers and is recruited to join SHIELD.

Dec 9 2020

JJJ hires Deadpool to bring Spider-Man in

Dec 8 2018

Thor and Morrigan fight Apocalypse.

Dec 7 2018

Thor partners with Morrigan and Black Panther

Dec 6 2018

The Morrigan joins up with Beowulf to fight Grendel.

Dec 5 2018

This is the 1,000,000 BC Avengers, only more realistically timed?

Dec 4 2018

The Morrigan is with the Jason and the Argonauts (and bones down on Hercules... bone... down...)

Dec 3 2018

The Morrigan fights Set.

Dec 2 2018

The Morrigan leaves her role and sets about to explore.

Dec 1 2018

The Celestials implant an embryo into Earth and leave

Nov 30 2018

Crisis on Battleworld

Nov 29 2018


Nov 28 2018

Mys-Tech War

Nov 27 2018

Absolute / Maximum Carnage

Nov 26 2018

Kings of Pain

Nov 25 2018

Chaos War

Nov 24 2018

The Avengers are shocked when rockstar Golden Beetle has information on how to save the day. His tech helps them build a time / dimension jump.

Nov 23 2018


Nov 22 2018

In the wake of Thanos' snap, Osborne (or someone similar... Mayor Fisk?) forms a sort of dark reflection of the Avengers, etc

Nov 21 2018

Infinity Gauntlet

Nov 20 2018

Thanos Quest

Nov 19 2018

Black Vortex

Nov 18 2018

Kang Dynasty