Fantastic Four #1

Tales of the Fantastic

Plotted by Sam
with contributions from

The Game


We see the Baxter Building. It's pretty.

DOCTOR DOOM stands in front of it. He is not impressed.


Doom walks into the spacious lobby. He walks towards the elevators, passing by the front door security desk. A security guard stands up to Doom, grabs his arm. Doom tells him to remove his hand or he will do it for him. He says he's here to see Reed Richards and that he's expected. The security guard checks a log and verifies this. He lets Doom go past to the elevator, walking past WILLIE LUMPKIN.

In the elevator, someone tries to get on. Doom looks at the person, who mutters he'll take the next one and steps off. The person gets off and the doors begin to close, Doom only looking straight ahead. 


REED RICHARDS and Victor talk. We get to know their backstory. Victor makes Reed give him an answer on his submission to the Future Foundation for how to utilize the Tesseract. He thinks he shouldn't have to go through the full application process and asks for a thumbs up/down on his project (about trying to use it to try to interact with the dead so he can contact his mom?). Reed says it's a no. They're going to go with the Storm siblings' application. Victor is pissed and storms out.  


We see SUE STORM and Reed talk. He gives her the go ahead. She reveals that she's picked her brother as the mechanical engineer. He says Captain Ben Grimm as the pilot, (he's an Air Force pilot who trained for NASA but was not selected to go to space) she agrees to meet him. The pitch is to use the Tesseract to build a Einstein-Rosenberg bridge to travel long distances


Sue, Reed, BEN GRIMM, and JOHNNY STORM meet and we see the group dynamics taking shape. Ben reveals that he failed NASA is because his brother died and he asked for berevement leave. She agrees to him flying.

"So, now that he's the pilot, I get why he's going," Susan says. "And Johnny and I designed it, so we have to go to collect our data samples. But why are you getting to go?"

"A perk of paying the bills," Reed answers with a smile. 


The ship is built. We see Susan driving the project, overseeing its construction. She's talking about it with Reed, this let's us see that he's a genius too. There's a spark between them.


Ben comes out of the gym. He talks with Johnny before hoping into the shower. Johnny reaches his arm into the shower and turns the water to cold before turning and running out of the room. 


The ship is built, the day is here. We see them suit up. Before they get in, there's a scene between Reed and Ben.


The ship is teleported and they find themselves in space, floating between Earth and the moon. There's a bit of floating; the team is all happy. They then punch in the code to go back home and things go wrong.


They crash land on monster island. They find themselves changed.

They fight a monster. They win.

They're rescued and taken back home in a helicopter.

Next time on...

Here comes the Mole Man!


Sam ... GM

Eloise ... Mr. Fantastic
Jon ... Doctor Doom, Human Torch
Matthew ... Thing
Sharon ... Invisible Woman

GM Notes

Jon did a great job at playing both Doom and Johnny. I'm sure we'll have to find someone else to play one of those two roles in the near future. But the big props to give Jon is that I let him come up with what Doom's proposal to the Future Foundation was going to be. Jon picked Doom's desire to reach a hellish dimension because of Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment, which I thought was a nice touch. 

Matt did a great job dealing with Ben losing his brother. 

And a special shout out to Eloise, who I think did a great job of reinventing Reed Richards to be someone a little more relatable. 


Susan Storm has brought her idea to Reed Richards' think tank, the Future Foundation. With Reed's old friend, and former US Air Force pilot, at the helm and Susan's brilliant yet juvenile brother as their mechanical engineer, the four set off on their bold new adventure!


Aw, thanks. But it was easy playing Reed off of Sharon's Sue. Once I heard that Sam had decided to downgrade Reed from being one of the biggest brains in the Marvel Universe, I wondered how much to dumb him down. But playing opposite Sharon helped me find his rhythm, that he's still really smart but he's more practical and self-aware than in the comics. 

In reply to by Jon

I was worried that I had played him too dim in the opening scene opposite Dr Doom, but in hindsight I like to think that he was just slightly intimated by Victor!  ;)