March 2020


We've had a couple people ask, "why don't you do this is as a podcast?" And there's a couple reasons why not. 

1) People are shy and not everyone was on board with being recorded. 

2) It takes a lot of time to record and edit down a podcast.  

3) If we did do a podcast, we probably wouldn't have the time and energy to do this website and if it's either/or then we're gonna go with this website. 

Nick Fury

That is the only role he or she will play. They are told everything by the GM (or as much as a spymaster like Fury would know) and he can even roll to stop of the plans using the resources of SHIELD "behind the scenes". 

He is, for all intents and purposes, our anti-GM.


Lots of people have asked: why so much Matthew? Well, he's really good at this and enjoys it a lot. Also, he is my roommate and I cannot escape him.