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February 13, 1991

The team fights Galactus. Guest-starring: everyone. Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Namor, Heroes for Hire, the Inhuman Royal Guard, War Machine, the Xavier gang… everyone. … should I reshuffle Black Panther?

February 12, 1991

A group of students escape the grounds to join in the fight.

February 11, 1991

Spider-Man. Rioting (part 2).

February 11, 1991

Shang-Chi must help the Defenders stop looting

February 11, 1991

Fury hears from Namor, Strange, and Invisible Woman. He puts out the order to get everyone together.

February 11, 1991

The team has to keep people from rioting.

February 11, 1991

Daredevil. Rioting (part 3).

February 11, 1991

Rioting (part 4). Or STRIKE or West Coast Avengers. This is Hawkeye, Black Widow, Mockingbird. Maybe this is the band getting back together because of the riots?

February 9, 1991

Fury gives Cap the order to recruit the Hulk. Captain America tracks down the Hulk and asks him to help them.

February 8, 1991

Namor’s advisors tell him that the ocean is moving, like the gravitational pulls are changing. Something is coming and it is big