Iron Man



February 2, 1993
February 7, 1991

We see news unfolding through JARVIS to a very drunk and depressed Tony. This is how we see Galactus has come.

September 12, 1987

Roxxon tries a hostile takeover of Stark in the wake of Tony's injuries at the hands of the Hulk and the chaos of him stopping production on war machines. The takeover is led by Obidah Stane, who reveals the Iron Monger outfit.

March 16, 1987

Fury calls in Tony to stop the Hulk.

October 30, 1986

Tony builds a better suit and goes after Ten Ring soldiers.

October 7, 1986

Tony is captured by the Ten Rings

Tony attacks Darkhawk, thinking he has stolen Stark tech

Iron Man. Scarlet Centurion (who is really Kang) comes to Tony Stark and tells him that in his world, there is no violence because they humanely imprison all people with powers. Maybe this is what makes Tony think about his stance in the Civil War?

Iron Man. Anton Vanko, the son of Ivan Vanko who worked with Howard, comes to America to take on Tony. However, Tony convinces him to quit his Russian outfit and join Stark Industries.

Iron Man. Roxxon sends the Dogs of War after Tony.

The Growing Man, a robot of Kang's, comes to explore. This is actually Kang's first appearance in his POV but like the 4th for us. So Iron Man destroys it, thinking Kang is attacking. But to Kang it's an unprovoked attack which is why he doesn't like the Avengers

Iron Man. Tony goes to investigate the Savage Land and has a problem with his suit with no way of recharging it.

Tony has a heart attack while fighting in his suit. He dreams (think of the Batman TAS episode of Bruce's dream). JARVIS brings him home on autopilot

Iron Man. Simon Williams gets powers to take on Tony Stark after Stark buys out his company.

Tony's armor becomes self aware. Kills a baddie. Tries to merge with him. He fights to death on an island

Iron Man. Sunset Bain (as Madame Menance) would try to steal Stark secrets for Hydra

Iron Man. Morgan Stark shows back up to cheer up Tony who’s dealing with the loss of his parens all over again. Morgan gets into an Iron Man armor and dies. Tony goes into a tailspin. Rhodes takes over as War Machine.


Iron Man. The Actor is impersonating Tony Stark and must be apprehended.

Iron Man. Is this called Iron Man or War Machine? Either way, it’s him taking on the Beetle, a former SHIELD engineer who’s built a suit.


Iron Man. Hammer sends in the Saboteur to infiltrate Tony’s work.


Iron Man. When Stark Industries is awarded a contract that had been with Bruno Horgan’s company, Horgan takes on the mantle of the Melter.

Iron Man. Demon in a Bottle. Tony hits his bottom and reclaims his suit.


Iron Man. Blizzard, a young SHIELD kid who invented an ice-based weapon and outfit.

Iron Man. Living Laser

Iron Man. Morgan Stark is kidnapped and Tony has to rescue him.

Iron Man. Madame Masque.

Fin Fang Foom and other monsters have come up. It's up to Tony to quickly adapt some fallen Sentinels, with human pilots, into use to fight them

Iron Man. One of Stark’s engineers, Gregor Shapanka, recovers the Blizzard’s tech and becomes the villain Jack Frost.