Public Identity


Private Rana Philips was incarcerated after her commanding officer used her as a scapegoat for his torture of prisoners of war, inciting her to kill him. Private Philips was sentenced to death, leaving her nothing to lose by being altered by Ryker's experiment. 

Private Philips was part of the secret Gamma Corps: Black team formed by General Ryker. Ryker sent the team after Lyra to collect a sample of her DNA. 

Winston "Ace" Spencer

"Ace" Spencer grew up in poverty in the slums of New York. His mother was forced to become bedridden while Ace was a teenager, and Ace raised his brother and sister on his own. At some point, Ace joined a gang called the Reapers, and later became their leader.

Adam Mann

Adam Mann was raised by a single mother and never knew his father. As a boy, his head was filled with myths and legends of ancient gods through bedtime stories his mother read to him. As a man, he excelled in sports and went on to win more Olympic gold medals than any other athlete in history. His accomplishments were so great he was tested for the X-gene, but Mann was not a mutant. Gaining several endorsements, he made a financial fortune, and then built a business empire.


Abominatrix used to work as a manager at a saving and loan company, when she signen up for an experimental cure for ovarian cancer using gamma rays. The treatment mutated Sharples permanently into the Abominatrix form.