Round Table

Agents of Atlas

I think that the Agents of Atlas predates the Avengers, but they also are the backup team. They're the team that Black Widow and Hawkeye find themselves on. It's where Swordsman ends up. Maybe Deathlok or Quake. It's basically what the TV show Agents of SHIELD is about. 

It's the lower decks of the Avengers / SHIELD. These are the people who first look into 0-8-4's. It's the first line of defense for things that look safe to begin with. It's the last line of defense for things that have become four alarm fires. 

DC Characters

What if we brought in DC characters?

No, it makes it too complicated.

What if we just made the Marvel counterparts more like the DC characters?

Such as?

Make Hyperion be more like Superman or Dirty Wolff be more like Lobo. 

Dirty Wolff? That's a deep cut. 

Why 1986?

Megan: People are bound to ask, so let's beat them to it. Why 1986?

Anna: Well, it helps that I'm not sure I've read a comic written before 1986.

Megan: You've never read a comic written before 1986?

Anna: Whoa there, judge-y McGee, I'm just saying I don't think I have. 

Megan: You haven't read Ditko's Spider-Man or Kirby's Fantastic Four? You are missing out.

Thomas: Getting back to the point at hand.