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Chatting with Megan

CNE: I'd love to start with talking about Old Friends where Tony and Bruce butt heads over Bruce's gamma research.

Megan: I'm proud of that one. But I also like the Crap Detail where Rhodey and Tony become friends, despite Tony being a jerk. I also wrote the story where Tony's parents die and his last memory is being a jerk to them, so maybe I just like writing "jerk Tony". (laughs)

CNE: Is that your secret? 

Marvel Retold Launches

"There's no shortage of places to find an archive of fan fiction--," Thomas Martin starts to say before Anna Taylor cuts him off, "yeah, I think Archive of our Own beat us to it by a couple of years." Thomas shoots her a sly smile before continuining. "But while and A03 have great archives with very, very talented writers, what they don't offer is what the comic book companies can offer: the ability to keep telling stories and to have those stories be interconnected."