Chatting with Megan

CNE: I'd love to start with talking about Old Friends where Tony and Bruce butt heads over Bruce's gamma research.

Megan: I'm proud of that one. But I also like the Crap Detail where Rhodey and Tony become friends, despite Tony being a jerk. I also wrote the story where Tony's parents die and his last memory is being a jerk to them, so maybe I just like writing "jerk Tony". (laughs)

CNE: Is that your secret? 

Megan: No, really, it's that I love to write short stories between two people. Those scenes where you can explore how people feel about each other. 

CNE: Is that how you approach stories differently than the rest of the writers at Marvel Retold?

Megan: No, I think everyone likes character interactions. I think I just like writing ones that are really personal, almost overly normal and trying to find the character in that. And I know that bit is unique to me because I'll message Anna and Thomas and say, "hey, I'd love to write a story where we see J Jonah Jameson give the Fantastic Four their name. Does that conflict with anything you want to write?"

CNE: And how do they usually respond?

Megan: There hasn't been an objection yet. Actually, that's not true. Thomas wanted to write the Starks' deaths. He really loves those scenes in Captain America: Civil War, both where Barnes kills them and where Tony has his moment with the B.A.R.F. and I think he wanted to take a swing at it, see if he could put his own stamp on it. 

CNE: How'd you end up writing it?

Megan: I told him I understood. If there's one thing I hope I'll always respect about Thomas is his true passion for the MCU. So, I told him, "hey, that's cool. Here's the direction that I'd take it in. Take some time and do your thing. If inspiration strikes, I look forward to reading it. If it doesn't, then you know it'll be in good hands." And Thomas was great about it. He said he liked my pitch but still wanted to try and crack it. And then about two or three days later I got an email and he said, "I did my best but I think you should do it."

CNE: That was nice of him.

Megan: Thomas is a nice guy. He also included his draft in the email and there was a line or two that I stole from it. I don't know if he meant for me to or not but it was right there! (laughs) 


(Reprinted from Comic News Extra)