January 2016

Marvel Retold Launches

"There's no shortage of places to find an archive of fan fiction--," Thomas Martin starts to say before Anna Taylor cuts him off, "yeah, I think Archive of our Own beat us to it by a couple of years." Thomas shoots her a sly smile before continuining. "But while fanfiction.net and A03 have great archives with very, very talented writers, what they don't offer is what the comic book companies can offer: the ability to keep telling stories and to have those stories be interconnected." 

Why 1986?

Megan: People are bound to ask, so let's beat them to it. Why 1986?

Anna: Well, it helps that I'm not sure I've read a comic written before 1986.

Megan: You've never read a comic written before 1986?

Anna: Whoa there, judge-y McGee, I'm just saying I don't think I have. 

Megan: You haven't read Ditko's Spider-Man or Kirby's Fantastic Four? You are missing out.

Thomas: Getting back to the point at hand.