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Nov 17 2020

The street heroes must come together to take on the Corporation.

Nov 15 2020

Sue proposes to Reed after being invited to speak at Empire State. This should be like Gaudy Night, perhaps. They then have to deal with Dragon Man. Although he is an alien creature, much like a dog, rather than a robot. He will later grow older and evolve to where he can speak.

Nov 15 2020

Crystal joins the FF (?) … at least show Johnny and Crystal dating

Nov 15 2020

Sue detects something. They go to investigate and discover the Inhumans.Johnny and Crystal crush on each other, but as a princess (and due to her age), she is not allowed to leave with him. … or does she join Fantastic Four while Sue is out for her pregnancy?

Nov 15 2020

The Super Skrull arrives to avenge his fallen brothers. They beat him and put him in the same prison with the original Skrulls.

Nov 15 2020

Impossible Man comes looking for diversion but he goes away when the FF stop paying attention to him.

Nov 15 2020

Wizard joins with Trapster, Sandman, and Electro to form the Fearsome Four. Sandman’s beaten but is told he’d make more money being a hero than doing bank jobs. He joins the Thunderbolts and then Silver Sable later.

Nov 19 2020

The FF face the Wizard!

Nov 18 2020

The reactions to people who weren't impacted directly by the Mutant Massacre.