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Latest Stories

August 3, 1991

T'Challa leads forces against Doom's invading force.

August 2, 1991

T'Challa must fight M'Baku to rule Wakanda.

August 1, 1991

T’Chaka is killed by Klaue, who gets away.

July 28, 1991

With the power of Latveria and Atlantis, Doom looks to annex Wakanda.

July 25, 1991

With Atlantis in ruins after the Serpent Crown, Doom looks to annex Atlantis.

July 16, 1991

Krang in Lemuria gets the crown in the hopes that it will let him take over Atlantis

February 13, 1991

The battle is not going the heroes’ way. The Watcher breaks his vow and tells the longshot the Earth still has. Thor gets Heimdall to teleport him and Susan Storm to Taa II to get the Ultimate Nullifer. [does this go before or after the Avengers story? Does the Watcher tell them because the war is almost lost? Or does he tell the team to fight them and buy time while Thor and Susan do this?]

February 13, 1991

Hulk destroys one of Galactus’ ingestion stations all by himself.

February 13, 1991

Guardians of the Galaxy. They arrive with Carol and start fighting.

February 13, 1991

As an epilogue to the arc, we see Doom watch all the events unfold in front of him. He knows that there is nothing that he can do to influence the outcome and that vexes him. But, begrudgingly, he admits that the heroes will succeed. However, he also knows that it will exhaust their resources