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Latest Stories

March 12, 1992

A Skrull delegation comes to Earth and negotiates for their imprisoned soldiers. Johnny falls for Lyja, one of these Skrulls. Paibok the Power Skrull also comes along. Lyja stays on Earth

March 9, 1992

More of Reed’s exploring of the Negative Zone accidentally ends up with Reed leading Blastaar to Earth.

March 4, 1992

The Slave-Master Skrull comes to Earth to capture the Thing with the intent to sell him into slavery. He’s on the ship with Torgo, an alien that’s also been captured to be sold to the Gamemaster’s for his planet of gladiator combat. Thing and Torgo team up and over power the Slave-Master. They imprison him and free the other imprisoned people on the ship. Torgo takes Thing back to Earth.

January 4, 1992

Psycho-Man attacks. I’m unsure: He’s from the Microverse and is looking to reach out with his overpopulated people?

January 1, 1992

Midnight Massacre

November 19, 1991

The Super Skrull breaks out and is recaptured by the FF. When they return him to custody though, they are made sensitive to the fact that maybe he’s being treated poorly when they found out he’s being treated as a sort of “enemy combatant”.

October 31, 1991

Demons start to break into our world

September 9, 1991

The barrier around Attilan is broken, exposing them to the world. To protect them, the FF helps them move to the Blue Side of the Moon (or Asteroid M so Molecule Man can be on Blue Side and this will let Crystal meet Quicksilver?). Crystal and Johnny have a moment. She asks him to come, he asks her to stay. (they try to make it work but ultimately, it will end. She’ll be with Quicksilver and he’ll end up with Lyja).

August 14, 1991

T’Challa has taken over the role of Black Panther and king of Wakanda and is beginning to open its borders. He invites the FF in as part of letting the Future Foundation in for an idea exchange.

August 7, 1991

Maximus makes his play and takes over the Attlian. He is defeated but he and his cohorts go into space.