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Oct 30 2018

X-Tinction Agenda

Oct 29 2018


Oct 28 2018

Also called Operation Galactic Storm

Oct 27 2018
Oct 26 2018

Siege of Darkness

Oct 25 2018

Doom helps Sue deliver but he gets to name her and be called her godfather

Oct 24 2018

Sharon Ventura is a SHIELD officer doing security work in the Baxter Building, when Annihilus came, he left a rift open and she was pulled through. The FF go in and pull her out but she has been mutated by her time in the Negative Zone, looking like the Thing she takes on the name She-Thing. She ends up joining the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

Oct 23 2018

Annihilus comes to Earth to capture Valeria, to reclaim his power from her, but the FF drives him off.

Oct 22 2018

Fury asks Sue to investigate if Doom is selling robots based on the recent Ultron fight to Russia or somewhere similar. Doom captures Sue but brings her into a dinner he’s having with Gustav Hauptmann. Doom doesn’t hide the fact that he’s trying to sell the robots. However, Gustav destroys some of Doom’s priceless art. Doom kills him and allows Sue to leave with the knowledge that he won’t be selling weapons for now.

Oct 21 2018

Sue has complications with her pregnancy. Reed realizes there’s an issue based on their original trip to the Negative Zone. Johnny and Ben join in Reed in traveling to the Negative Zone where they track down the source of the issue: Annihilus’ cosmic control rod. They steal it but are chased by Annihilus. Reed siphons off enough energy to help Sue and then trades the rod to Annihilus in exchange for safe passage out of the Negative Zone. They return and Sue gives birth to Franklin.