DC Characters

What if we brought in DC characters?

No, it makes it too complicated.

What if we just made the Marvel counterparts more like the DC characters?

Such as?

Make Hyperion be more like Superman or Dirty Wolff be more like Lobo. 

Dirty Wolff? That's a deep cut. 

Why 1986?

Megan: People are bound to ask, so let's beat them to it. Why 1986?

Anna: Well, it helps that I'm not sure I've read a comic written before 1986.

Megan: You've never read a comic written before 1986?

Anna: Whoa there, judge-y McGee, I'm just saying I don't think I have. 

Megan: You haven't read Ditko's Spider-Man or Kirby's Fantastic Four? You are missing out.

Thomas: Getting back to the point at hand.

Marvel Retold Launches

"There's no shortage of places to find an archive of fan fiction--," Thomas Martin starts to say before Anna Taylor cuts him off, "yeah, I think Archive of our Own beat us to it by a couple of years." Thomas shoots her a sly smile before continuining. "But while and A03 have great archives with very, very talented writers, what they don't offer is what the comic book companies can offer: the ability to keep telling stories and to have those stories be interconnected."