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Dec 31 1969

Gone are all the superhero teams. Now they're like police stations. And today we follow one such station.

Dec 31 1969

The head of SHIELD does a door-to-door to check on everyone's status and assemble teams. This is a jumping off point for old readers. And hopefully something fun for new ones. Marvel Fanfare is eith canon or not depending on you.

Dec 31 1969

A normal citizen lost his wife in the merge after Battleworld. Based on Astro City 1/2

Nov 30 2018

Crisis on Battleworld

Dec 31 1969

Dirty Wolff comes out of retirement to do one last bounty hunt, a really bad skipbail. Wolff might not bring 'em back alive

Nov 29 2018


Nov 28 2018

Mys-Tech War

Nov 27 2018

Absolute / Maximum Carnage

Nov 26 2018

Kings of Pain

Nov 25 2018

Chaos War